Project Highlight: Concrete Plant Repairs

We recently received a call from one of our concrete manufacturing companies looking to make repairs to parts of their equipment. Concrete plant repair commonly takes place in the winter. The cold season is a slower time for many concrete companies. This downtime allows them to make repairs to their plants.  

Why the equipment needs repairs:

The rock and sand used to manufacture concrete is very abrasive and quickly deteriorates the steel walls of the bins used to contain it. The bins are the main area that requires repairs. We have worked on several of these types of repairs.


We brought our mobile welding and fabrication gear to their plant and began work. The main goal was to re-structuring the walls of the bin. Our team used 3/16″ AR400 steel. This type of metal is designed to be an extremely tough, abrasion-resistant steel. The first step was to cut the pieces to fit specific measurements and were used to replace the deteriorated walls. Our team will work to fix as many of the walls as time allows before the weather warms up and the plant begins making products.

Welding in the bin of a concrete plant
Welding in the bottom of the concrete bin.
Welding a bin at a concrete plant
Welding on the concrete bin.
Cutting a weld for concrete plant repair
Cutting a plate for the weld.

On this trip, the team also replated the turning head at the top of the plant. This along with replacing the conveyor guards under their loading hopper and scale dump will make for a smoother running plant for the busy spring and summer seasons. Concrete plant repair is needed to keep a safe, efficient plant in operation.

Welding a hopper for concrete plant repair
Welding on a concrete hopper.

At one of the companies’ other sites, the repair involved work on the hopper. The team replated the inside of this piece of equipment. The hopper helps funnel materials to the turning head. This repair reinforced the metal that had been worn down by the material.

This maintenance is necessary to ensure the longevity of a facility that receives a lot of wear and tear from the materials they are processing. McMahan Industrial Services takes pride in producing a quality product in the most time-efficient way possible to make sure the only downtime they have is from the weather.

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