Project Highlight: Excavator Repair

Final primed and painted weld for the excavator boom repair.

Some of the major parts of an excavator typically need repairs during the machines lifetime.  Excavator repair often involves repairs to moving parts such as the bucket, boom, hydraulic cylinders, tracks and track wheels.  The moving parts of a machine experience wear and tear over time. All of these parts are important to the safety of the operator and those around during use of the machine.  If any of these parts are cracked, damaged, or not maintained properly they become a critical safety liability.  

Because of the heavy duty nature of an excavator many parts are metal.  When the metal cracks or breaks the repairs generally require welding.  For welding repairs calling in a professional team is needed to ensure that proper safety and quality is achieved.  A professional team using high grade materials with the proper training will attain long-lasting repairs.   

Excavator Repair Details:

Excavator boom crack before repair.
Underside crack in the boom.

Our team recently completed an excavator repair on a John Deere D600.  The primary focus was a repair to a crack on the bottom side the boom.

To begin the repair the team back gouged the crack to the root and welded it with 100% penetration.  Then they grinded the surface to smooth it in order to mount an ASTM A-36 ½” doubler plate. 

Welded crack was grinded down for mounting of a doubler plate.

Doubler plate weld on excavator repair.
Plate welded on for durability.

The plate was cut and welded to the area by our team to ensure additional durability.

Once the repairs were completed the areas were primed and painted to match the existing machine color for a seamless appearance.  

Painted excavator repair weld.
Final finished and painted weld.

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