Fall Protection Training

When welders need to complete work that is at a height they are required to use properly fitting harnesses and fall protection equipment. OSHA lists falls as one of the most common causes of on-the-job injuries and deaths. These situations often involve overhead platforms, holes, and any elevated work areas. OSHA has regulations for how job sites must be arranged and the safety equipment that must be used to avoid falls.

  • Fall protection must be provided for heights over 4 feet in industry workplaces
  • For construction sites, the height is raised to 6 feet
  • Guardrails, handrails, and toe boards must be present on elevated workspaces
  • Safety harnesses, nets, and other railings may also be needed
  • Employers must provide equipment and training for known job hazards

Our team values the safety of our employees and prioritizes staying up to date on training for various dangers. A frequent topic of our Monday Meetings is the proper use of fall protection. Recently our welders completed a training course on fall protection and OSHA guidelines. The course was hosted by Construction Safety Specialist, Inc, and simulations were provided by Professional Rescue Innovations.

The welders learned OSHA guidelines and procedures. The in-class learning was spread out throughout the day. It centered around fall protection and confined space protocols.

experienced hands-on learning through Professional Rescue Innovations. They gave demonstrations of proper gear use and upkeep. Our welders also got to have training in confined spaces.

This training was one of several that the team has taken part in this spring. They also attended first aid and CPR training where they learned skills to provide support in the case of an injury or emergency. These training opportunities have aided in providing education for the growth and learning of our team. They have been able to test out hands-on learning after many discussions at Monday Meetings and put their knowledge to use.

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