Food Grade

What is Food Grade?

To understand food grade first it’s important to understand what it means to be Food and Drug Administration (FD) Compliant.  The FDA sets standards for what is safe for direct contact with the food we consume. These are called Food Contact Substances (FCS).   

Food grade is a term used to describe equipment and material that comes in direct contact with food.  These materials need to be safe for contact with any consumable products.   

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets the standards for what is considered food grade.  They set the steps and protocols that test and determine the standard for quality.  There are limitations on the materials that can be used to make food-grade equipment.  These limitations involve checking the purity standards of each material.   

Stainless steel is a material that meets the FDA quality standard.  Meaning that it is suitable for contact with consumable ingredients and products.  It also means that stainless steel meets the need for cleaning standards.  This material is able to be used in safe temperature ranges and the integrity will not falter or wear over time with the correction sanitation processes.  

Learn more about what stainless steel is and why it is used:  Stainless Steel

custom fabricated food grade cutting table finished
Cutting Table
food grade
Food Grade Piping
welded food grade pipe post work
100% Welded Through

How to be Food Grade Compliant

Food grade compliance is not just about the materials used.  There are specific types of cleaning materials and processes as well as different safety measures that all make up the parts of the standard. It is easy for there to be a disconnect between what is safe and what is being used.  It would be easier to switch out cheaper non-food grade components but even the smallest part could make the entire process non-compliant. The suppliers of materials, people who build machinery and repair it, and the food processors all have to be on the same page about following the FDA food-grade standards.  The food manufacturers and processors all need to work diligently to enforce the correct safety protocols. 

Working with equipment and material suppliers that value being food grade compliant is key to ensuring compliance.  The most sanitary and hygienic materials need to be used and strict cleaning policies should be enforced.  This is the best way to be FDA compliant.

Why is this Important to You?

Consumers need to be able to trust that their food is safe for them to eat.  The FDA is tasked with this trust for enforcing standards for safety.  Food-grade compliance gives consumers safe products and lets them rest easy trusting their food sources.  As a supplier of food-grade metal products such as tables, carts, chutes, platforms, stairs, guards, gates, and many others we value the importance of the FDA standard.  

We ensure all products delivered are of tubeless steel and all seams are 100% welded to ensure there are no crevasses, cracks, or pockets to harbor harmful bacteria. We take pride in delivering quality food-grade compliant products for our customers who are going the extra mile to ensure their food products are safe.

See the types of work we can do for you: Sanitary Welding

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