Project Highlight: IBC Tote Heater

What is an IBC Tote

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Totes are bulk containers that are industrial-grade.  They are designed for handling, transporting, and storing processing materials.  IBC Totes are mainly used for liquids, semi-solids, or dry ingredients.  They are commonly used in food-grade facilities and in hygienic processing industries.  These containers are substitutes for steel drums that were once the industry standard.  They are more efficient and cost-effective than steel drums.

Project: IBC Tote Heater 

As the weather got cold this year one of our food grade customers was having issues keeping an IBC Tote of cleaning product warm enough to use. So, they called us in to help. We quickly designed a double-walled box with internal heating pads and 3″ insulation. Our project manager was in constant contact with the customer through the process to ensure that all of their needs were being met. After a couple of tweaks to the design, we got to fabrication.  

Finished IBC Tote Heater
Interior of finished IBC Tote Heater

Every aspect of the design had temperature control and ease of use in mind. The box was constructed of 304 stainless steel, with easy-open side panels to get to the heating units in the event that they need to be replaced. Even the doors were designed to have internal insulation to keep the interior of the box warm on the coldest of days. An access hatch was built into the top of the box so the customer has the capability to drop in a hose and pump out the product as needed. There are analog thermostats mounted on the outside of the box so they can easily control the internal temperature based on the ambient temperature outside.  

 Our team took pride in saving the day and making sure our customer was able to continue producing product per food grade rules even with the extreme temperatures we have been experiencing. 

Welding on the interior of IBC Tote
One of our team members having some fun with the weld
Bending and forming walls for the tote

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