Millwright Services

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McMahan offers a variety of industrial millwright services at complexes like factories, production plants, and feed mills. We’ve done work including equipment installation, welding repair, custom fabrication, and pipe work. Whether you’re just looking to keep your equipment up to date with a routine check or you’re finding yourself in a time crunch for some more immediate repairs, our skilled team is ready to help.

Emergency Equipment Repairs

Emergencies always come up at the worst times and can be extremely disruptive and costly for your facility’s production. McMahan understands that when you’re facing a potential shutdown, time is crucial. Our custom, pipe-fitting trailer allows us to stay fully mobile and move from local facility to facility in a time-efficient manner. With over a decade of experience with industrial millwright services, our team is fast and reliable and will get you back up and operating safely in no time.

technician welding a large black pipe

What types of equipment do we offer millwright services for?

-pumps, electrical motors, valves, heaters, tanks, hoppers, pipes, and more

exposed black piping with steam in a feed mill

McMahan’s Complimentary 10-Point Preventative/Maintenance Inspection

Instead of waiting and responding once emergencies arise, our team has crafted a 10 point preventative inspection that helps identify and fix smaller issues before they turn into more costly, larger problems that may affect production and cause potential shutdowns. This complimentary maintenance inspection not only allows us to familiarize us with your facility but ensures that we stock the parts that you require for faster emergency services and repairs to your equipment.   

The images below are from a local facility where we worked on repiping a fat system that sprung a leak (pictured above). We started by changing out 2″ of black pipe for stainless steel pipe, replaced a 3/8″ steam trace, & reinsulated the line using fiberglass insulation and PVC pipe covering. As these types of facilities start to age, the original black piping starts to wear down, causing leaks. These types of leaks can vary in severity but usually cause the facility to have to shut down during these repairs.

One way to help prevent these kinds of issues from getting more severe is to have regular inspections and routine servicing!

Routine Servicing

You can count on McMahan from start to finish—from our initial conversation through the delivery and installation processes—all the way to your equipment’s eventual upgrade or replacement. Our top priority is ensuring a safe work environment for your facility’s workers as well as our own. We pride ourselves on safety and that pride extends to every facet of our work. As your facility continues to grow and age, let McMahan be a part of your regular servicing and routine maintenance inspections.

What can you expect from us on-site?

  • Routine maintenance and repair work for industrial equipment and machinery
  • Updates and replacements to older or faulty equipment
  • An experienced, skilled team with over a decade of field expertise
  • Strict adherence to all safety regulations, procedures, and precautions
  • Determination to provide customer satisfaction while performing the highest quality of work

Other Services We Offer:

McMahan is a full-service welding and mobile welding, custom fabrication, equipment installation, industrial millwright services, and pipe fitting company. From small repair jobs to larger installation projects, McMahan is equipped to handle your needs.

welding handrail onto water tower

We are locally owned and operated out of Norwalk, Iowa and serve the greater Des Moines, Sioux City, and Council Bluffs areas as well as parts of Omaha, Nebraska. Our team has the resources to travel to you and operate out of our mobile pipe fitting operation.

To learn more about McMahan’s services visit us at :

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Call us at (515) 518-9972!

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