Mobile Welding

Our mobile welding and custom fabrication services revolve around three pillars: Measurement—Fabrication—& Installation. Over the past four years, we have put a huge emphasis on expanding our mobile welding operation. As both our business and team have grown, we have added more trucks, a shop, and two custom trailers to better service our customers and enlarge our service area.

measure, design, fabricate, install


custom fabricated stainless steel table
buffing stainless steel table top
tig welding stainless steel table welder
custom fabricated cutting table for food processing plant

The trucks and trailers allow us to move to our customers’ facilities in a timely manner.  This ensure that we will also have everything we need equipment-wise, on site. Depending on the project, we will come to your facility and take all of the measurements as well as document the type of equipment/machinery that are in use prior to the start of the project.

Adding a physical shop location in Norwalk, Iowa has allowed us to work on our custom fabrication projects as they come in. With our shop and small fleet combined, we are equipped and ready to handle any mobile welding or custom fabrication projects you send our way.

After we custom fabricate the piece(s) for your project, we will get it ready for delivery. The final step is installation. Our expertise in this area is unparalleled by our competitors. 

Why Choose McMahan?

  • Being a small business means we have more flexibility in our scheduling and can handle larger scale projects
  • We are cost-effective and will work with you closely throughout the quoting process
  • We can work with tight project deadlines
  • We pride ourselves on our customer service and will help solve any issues you may encounter
  • We are AWS D1.1 structurally certified

If you’re in the market for a custom fabrication job, look no further. Our crew-size and mobile operation allows us the flexibility to take on any project you bring our way. Give us a call at (515) 518-9972 or shoot us an email at

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