Monday Meetings


What are Monday meetings and why do they matter?

How a company operates internally is key to its success. Our team at McMahan Industrial Services holds Monday meetings to educate on safety, regulations, leadership, and continuous improvement. These meetings are important because they are a set time to educate each other on the weekly topic and discuss any questions or concerns. The continued weekly learning helps the team stay on the same page and work towards being a safer more efficient team.


Monday meetings often center around safety topics. Welding can be a high-risk job and our team prioritizes safety. The topics range from OSHA safety regulations to the most common accidents and how to avoid them. We recently had a First Aid Training. This was a large extension of many safety talks that had previously taken place. Monday meetings can also be dedicated to a safety topic that is important for an upcoming project. As mobile welders, the team often works in varying types of unfamiliar spaces.

Frequent meetings is one of the easiest ways to avoid complacency. Many workplace injuries take place when workers get too comfortable doing an action, dulling their alertness and do not take the proper safety precautions. These meetings ensure effective communication because all team members are getting the same reliable and up-to-date learning materials and procedures.


The leadership of the administration of a company is the starting point to improving the whole company.  However, it is not only the leadership of administration that matters.  The way that every employee leads in the way they act, work, and treat others is equally important. These meetings strengthen the idea that everyone on the team has an important role. Team members take turns reading and there is an open discussion that gives all employees a chance to voice their thoughts and suggestions. Many of the discussions highlight how each individual member impacts the safety and efficiency of the team.

Employee Satisfaction: 

When employees are engaging in a positive work environment and culture they tend to feel more fulfilled at work.  They are happier when they are in the workplace. This leads to improved productivity.  A foundational step to a fulfilled employee is a safe workplace. The better an employee feels the better they act and the more efficient they are when completing everyday tasks.  When a workplace has a culture of strong leadership, productivity, satisfaction, and safety the turnover rate for employees is low.  Employees will stay with the company.  These meetings give our employees the opportunity to share ideas and work towards their own self-improvement. Fostering a chance for the growth of individual employees is an important part of company culture and building the team.

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