Repair Welding

welding structure repair post work

Over the years we have been called to work on a number of repair welding projects across Central Iowa and surrounding states. These have included both regularly scheduled  and emergency calls for structural repairs and equipment/machinery repairs.  We understand that shutdown times are extremely disruptive and costly to production, this is why we’ve put such an emphasis on expanding our mobile-welding operation.

Types of Repairs

Structural Repairs

repair welding services infographic
  • Incoming Water Main Pipe Burst—at a local food processing plant in Central Iowa—when pipes burst and you’re facing an indefinite shutdown in production, we’ve got your back. When a neighboring food processing plant called us at 3AM, our repair welding crew was out there, on site by 6AM, cutting new pipe to install. 
  • Support Angles—at a parking garage in downtown Des Moines, Iowa—parking garages are historically built like Lincoln log structures, and over time the steel and concrete start to settle and crack. We can come in and install support angles, as we’ve done dozens of times, adding an extra layer of steel to help reinforce the aging structure.
An Ingersoll Rand crane
structure damage pre welding repair
welding structure repair post work
structural welding repair on a rail
welding structural repair
  • Forklift Boom—at a concrete plant in Central Iowa—the concrete industry is notorious for the wear and tear they put their various machinery/equipment through, especially while transporting harsher products and materials. That’s why for this forklift boom (shown above), we started out by welding the crack and making sure it was smooth, before we added an extra plate on top, reinforcing the structural integrity for future use.


  • Stinger on a Grain Truck—for a local feed mill in Central Iowa—the end was blown out, so we came in and carefully welded it back together. This type of repair is usually a regular fix, but this project was a bit more time sensitive because the grain truck is used to get the feed out to the farms. We understand supply chains and how that affects your business, so we work in a timely manner.

Why Choose McMahan?

  • Being a small business means we have more flexibility in our scheduling and can handle larger scale projects
  • We are cost-effective and will work with you closely throughout the quoting process
  • When a pipe bursts or your grain truck is damaged, you need someone who can get there fast--our mobile operation allows for that
  • We pride ourselves on our customer service and will help solve any issues you may encounter
  • We are AWS D1.1structurally certified

If a pipe bursts or a piece of your equipment is damaged, do you have someone to call? Look no further! Give us a call now at (515) 518-9972 or shoot us an email at

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