Stainless Steel

The Chrysler Building and the famous “Cloud Gate” otherwise known as the Chicago Bean art structure have something in common, they both have stainless steel components.  Stainless steel is the only component of the Chicago “bean”.  This material is often overlooked due to cost in comparison to other materials.  However, this metal is used in many different ways in everyday life.  It is often the main resource in architecture, vehicles, aircraft, and even jewelry.  The metal is a material that is versatile and has qualities that keep it standing out from other metals when it comes to material choices.  

chart of reasons to choose stainless steel

Why choose Stainless Steel?


The first reason that stainless steel stands out from other metals is its corrosion-resistant properties.  The outer surface of other building materials including steel, iron, and concrete erodes and degrades from soil and UV light.  They experience more wear and tear especially when used in piping.  The interior walls rust and are damaged by abrasion.  Stainless steel has corrosion-resistant properties that prevent the issues that other materials have.   

Durable and High Quality

Corrosion resistance is not the only reason that stainless steel is a quality choice for projects.  The durable metal is easier to maintain than most other resources.  It can handle extreme temperatures and can be enhanced to be lighter weight than other common building metals.  The lower weight for the finished product makes it ideal for industrial uses.   

Refined Finish

The material is naturally shinier and often has a clean look which makes it a great choice in commercial buildings or other places where material or pipe is exposed.  As building aesthetics in older commercial spaces are improving and becoming a higher priority, the use of stainless steel to achieve a clean professional look is on the rise.  

Environmentally Friendly

The metal not only looks cleaner and more professional it is not a petroleum product so it does not require coatings when used in piping.  It is a recyclable metal, on average 85% of stainless steel products are recycled at the end of their product lifetime.  The metal is durable, long-lasting, and can be used in a multitude of ways.  The diversity of the metal and the environmentally friendly properties are among many reasons that stainless steel is the top pick for projects.  

Food Grade

Stainless steel is the resource that McMahan Industrial Services uses for products that are food grade.  Food grade is a term that describes products in which materials need to meet certain standards non-toxic areas that are safe to come in contact with food and items that need to be safe for consumption.  These products need to be 100% welded to prevent any chance of bacteria growth.  Tubeless steel is used so there are no pockets or cracks that allow any type of buildup or unsanitary areas. 

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