Structural Welding

structural welding technician repairing a structural beam

Our structural welders have worked on a variety of structural welding projects in different facilities like large retailers, factories, water treatment plants, and production plants. Our expertise includes handrail, staircase, and hatch installations, general steel column/structure repairs, and more. Whether you’re looking for immediate structural repairs that are causing work hazards, or you’re looking to add an installation to an existing structure, we have you covered.

Installations to Existing Structures

structural welder works inside hatch

Hatch Installations—our structural welders installed three hatches into water purifying tanks at a water treatment facility in the Des Moines, Iowa area. 

structural welders use crane

Temporary Platform—a cement company needed a large piece of equipment transferred from an upper level of a building down to the ground for transport. Our structural welding team crafted a platform 80 feet in the air that would then maneuver the damper over the side of the building. 

 Staircase Installations—with OSHA’s new rule surrounding fall protection standards for fixed ladders, many facilities have been opting to install staircases in lieu of using ladders and harnesses

Emergency Repairs

  • A warehouse had us come in and create a temporary structure to protect the products on their shelves as they worked on demoing the surrounding areas.
  • A large food processing plant had us come in and fully remove and replace a damaged steel column that was hit by a forklift.
  • A steel column damaged by a forklift at a large retail store had a couple of our technicians working after hours. The column was fixed, and the floor was cleared of all hazards by store hours the next morning. 


When it comes to welding, accuracy and precision are key and here at McMahan we take pride in our high-quality, structural welding services. Whether you’re adding on to an existing structure, or you’re looking for a quick fix for a work hazard, we are ready to help.

Over the years we have worked on different structural projects around the greater Des Moines area and Ames, and have even travelled as far as Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Omaha, Nebraska. Some of these projects include adding a handrail to the top of a water tower, reinforcing damaged steel columns, and adding a staircase to a cat-walk system. 


Why Choose Us?

  • Being a small business means we have more flexibility in our scheduling and can handle larger scale projects
  • We are cost-effective and will work with you closely throughout the quoting process
  • We know how to ensure the lowest possible shut down times
  • We pride ourselves in our customer service and will help solve any issues you may encounter
  • We are AWS D1.1 structurally certified
crane holding a staircase with a trailer in the front

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