Tank Installation

two welding technicians installing a tank

 We have the experience and knowledge to replace or install a tank system to match your specifications and timeline. With over a decade of field experience, our tank installation technicians have mastered the delicate process of erecting a new tank in a safe and timely manner—keeping both costs and shutdown times low. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing feed tank or to install a new one, our trained technicians will work with you to guarantee optimal system flow.

Over the past few years, we have worked at large, industrial facilities—feed mills in particular—and have crafted a 10-point tank inspection checklist. This comprehensive checklist gives our technicians a guide to follow to ensure a thorough inspection. It also allows us to keep a detailed list of the equipment your tank system uses so we have that on file in case of an emergency.

yellow crane lifts tank from ground at ethanol plant

Our Routine Tank Systems Checklist Includes:


  • Check thermostats, heaters, and heat trace in the spring and fall for efficiency and proper settings
  • Examine the stability of the tank, pipes, and insulations for proper pipe coverings
  • Inspect for any leaks in the tank, pipes, meters, actuators, and mixer manifold
  • Calibrate the system in the spring and fall
  • Facilitate cleaning of the tank, containment areas, and unloading areas
  • Consult with feed mill management regarding improvements that can be made and how best to move forward safely
  • Provide accurate record keeping on all tank system service and repairs

Why Run Continual Servicing On Your Fat System Tanks?



With the installation of most qual fat tank systems approaching the 20–30-year mark, many are in need of repairs, replacement parts, or a total system overhaul. Our team is trained in not only qual fat tank system installations, but they’re also experts at inspecting, examining, and reporting on any issues your tank system maybe facing. This allows us to document your tank system from start to finish, making repairs or replacements easier when an emergency arises. 

technician checks hook from crane on the tank

Why Choose McMahan?

  • Being a small business means we have more flexibility in our scheduling and can handle larger scale tank installation projects
  • We are cost-effective and will work with you closely throughout the quoting process
  • We understand how costly shutdowns are so we can stick to a strict deadline
  • We pride ourselves on our customer service and will help solve any issues you may encounter
  • We are AWS D1.1 structurally certified