MBI Winter Conference

The MBI Winter Conference took place February 28th – March 2nd. Our President, Project Manager, Team Lead, and Marketing Specialist attended the conference which was held in Des Moines at the Iowa Events Center.

Day 1:

The first day started off at the office. We packed up our materials, did one last double-check, and headed for Des Moines. The booth set-up went smoothly and the final result was eye-catching with tons of great information for conference attendees.

The first night was the Industry Reception. This allowed us to open the booth and talk with attendees in a very relaxed setting. We made many good connections and had a great time getting to know the companies that were represented.

Day 2:

The second day started early with the — breakfast. At the breakfast, our project manager had the opportunity to meet with other industry leaders. Throughout the day we spoke with other exhibitors and a range of attendees. We were able to learn about new software, different procedures, and other types of equipment. Throughout the day we continued conversations from the first night and made many new contacts.

Day 3:

The final day was focused on safety. Many of the attendees were there to learn about OSHA guidelines and how to implement more safety in their teams. We do the installation of one such product that helps ensure safety: the erect-a-step. For several attendees, the safety sessions were their first day at the conference. We made connections and shared information about our company and how we can help each contact fulfill their needs. We also drew for our prize, a Woodruff Construction employee was able to win $100 dollars.

The MBI Winter Conference was a great opportunity to meet with companies and share more about our work. We are excited to follow up on leads and continue work with our new connections.

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