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Structural Welding

In Lincoln, NE, more than half of the bridges are older than they were supposed to be, so they need to be fixed up and handled. When you're moving around the city and see all these bridges, it's cool to think about how structural welding helps make them last longer and stay safe.

Welding isn't sticking pieces of metal together; it's a vital part of fixing bridges, ensuring they're strong enough to handle weather and heavy use. Imagine it as a mix of science and art that needs a lot of skill and careful work.

We will look into how this works, mainly focusing on what happens in Lincoln, NE. You'll get to see how experts, like the ones from McMahan Industrial Services, put in a lot of effort to ensure the bridges you use are safe.

Join us as we check out how they tackle the big job of keeping Lincoln's bridges in shape and what challenges and wins they come across in their work.


Project Overview

In 2023, McMahan Industrial Services took on a big job fixing the BigX bridge at North Antelope Valley Parkway and Salt Creek Roadway. They worked on specific problems like fixing broken concrete panels, adding a special kind of glue called epoxy polymer overlays to strengthen the bridge, and repairing the fences around the bridge to keep everyone safe.

This job showed how careful and skilled McMahan Industrial Services is; they paid attention to every detail. Using a special glue technology, they didn't fix the current problems and ensured the bridge would last much longer.

Fixing the fences was also a crucial part of their work to ensure people using the bridge were safe. This project by McMahan Industrial Services shows how important it is to fix and care for essential structures like bridges with expertise and care.


Lincoln NE Structural Welding Techniques

After looking into how McMahan Industrial Services fixed the BigX bridge, let's talk about their unique welding methods to ensure the bridge is strong and lasts a long time.

They used different welding styles like MIG, TIG, Stick, and especially HyperFill welding. This helped them work faster and make better-quality welds. They picked each method to match the bridge's needs, ensuring everything was done right.

What's impressive is how they did aerial welding up in the air for places that were tough to reach. This shows how much McMahan Industrial Services cares about getting every detail right and keeping things safe. They set their welding gear to the best speed and heat.

This way, they made the bridge repairs better than expected, proving they're dependable and good at fixing essential structures for the community.

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McMahan Industrial Services and others like them prove that they make a big difference in keeping our bridges safe with the right skills and teamwork. Contact Us Today to meet your welder needs and let us exceed your expectations! Also, browse our project gallery for an idea of projects we undertake or check Google reviews.

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