Portable Welder Kansas City MO Heat Treatment for Strengthening Welded Joints

When you need portable welding in Kansas City, MO, choose McMahan Industrial Services, a family-owned company that values quality and safety.

Our team of skilled engineers and construction professionals will make sure your welded joints are strong and durable with the right heat treatment. We use advanced thermal stress relief to prevent cracks and warping, giving you reliable results.

Our certified welders and inspectors will guarantee safe and secure welds. We offer on-site welding services for your convenience, ensuring timely solutions for your metalwork projects.

Trust McMahan Industrial Services for all your portable welding needs.


Portable Welder Kansas City Since June 2017

Since June 2017, McMahan Industrial Services has been proudly owned by a family. This has helped them build a strong foundation for their skills in industrial construction and welding.

When you need a reliable partner for your industrial projects, you can trust McMahan's skilled engineers and construction pros to provide top-notch welding services, custom fabrication, and mobile welding solutions. They're experts in industrial construction and plant upgrades, ensuring that your projects are done efficiently and safely.

With a focus on paying attention to details, McMahan Industrial Services offers a wide range of services, from small fixes to big installations, to meet various industrial needs.

When you choose McMahan, you can be confident that your projects are in good hands with a family-owned business that cares about your safety and satisfaction.


Weld Defects and Rework Reduction

To avoid costly rework and make sure your welds are strong, McMahan Industrial Services is here to help. Weld defects can cause problems and put safety at risk. By using the right welding techniques, you can prevent defects and keep things safe.

Our team of certified welders and inspectors will work with you to find and fix any issues, so your welds meet high standards. With our expertise in welding certification and inspection, you can trust that your welds will be strong and safe.


Advanced Thermal Stress Relief

How can you make sure your welds can handle tough heat and stress, and how does advanced thermal stress relief help strengthen them?

Advanced thermal stress relief is super important in metalwork. It helps your welds handle extreme temps and stress by heating and cooling them in a careful way. This process gets rid of internal stress in the metal, stopping cracks, warping, and other problems.


Schedule On-Site Welding Now

Need welding done fast? McMahan Industrial Services can help! Our special trailer comes to you for on-site welding, making repairs and strengthening welded joints quick and safe.

Our skilled team will work closely with you to understand your needs and provide tailored welding services. With our on-site welding, your project will be finished on time and with top-notch quality.

Contact Us Today to meet your welder needs and let us exceed your expectations! Also, browse our project gallery for an idea of projects we undertake or check Google reviews.


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