Structural Welding Iowa City, IA for Wide Flange Steel Beams

Structural Welding Iowa City

McMahan Industrial Services is the best option for safely and accurately welding big steel beams for construction in Iowa City, IA.

Our skilled workers prioritize safety and quality in every project. They pay very close attention to all the little details and follow all the safety rules that are important in our industry.

We offer welding and fabrication on-site or at our shop. We work with different types of metals like steel, aluminum, and stainless steel to ensure we can satisfy all your welding and fabrication needs.


Benefits of Wide-Flange Beams

McMahan Industrial Services' Recommendation for Wide-Flange Steel Beams in Iowa City

• Larger sectional area for efficient load distribution and better support.

• Cost-effective design saves material and construction time.

• Wide flange H design ensures safety and stability in construction projects.


Joint Preparation

In Iowa City, working with wide-flange steel beams is essential for ensuring reliable welds. To achieve this, the joint area must be thoroughly cleaned to remove rust, paint, or oil, and the edges must be beveled before welding.

This ensures a strong weld joint with full penetration, ensuring integrity and safety in the process. By following these guidelines, welders can ensure the successful completion of structural welding projects.


Welding Process Selection

When you're welding big steel beams in Iowa City, IA, it's really important to pick the right way to weld them. This will make sure that the joints are strong and won't break easily. McMahan Industrial Services knows how important it is to think about the specific beams needed and the environment in Iowa City.

When choosing the best way to weld, it's important to consider things like the type of steel being used, how the joints are designed, and how long the project will take. These factors will help determine which welding process is the right one to use.

Also, it's really important to follow the rules and regulations set by the city and building authorities. These things make sure that when we weld big steel beams in Iowa City, we do it in a way that is really safe and of good quality.


Structural Considerations

When you're welding big steel beams in Iowa City, IA, it's really important to look at how the weight is spread out, how the beams are connected, how they're made stronger, and if everything follows the rules. 

It's really important to know how the way a beam is designed and how weight is spread out can affect how stable a structure is. It's a good idea to talk to a licensed structural engineer if you need help with beam splicing, reinforcement, or making changes to a building to make it stronger.

We will make sure to follow the rules set by the city and have a certified person inspect the welding or bolting of the beams. Making sure things are safe and following all the rules is really important when it comes to welding structures.


Structural Welding Iowa City

Get the Best Structural Welding in Iowa City

Just like a really good blacksmith shapes and sharpens metal, McMahan Industrial Services in Iowa City, IA, is really good at making wide flange steel beams.

Our experts care about doing a good job and making sure everything is done perfectly. They work hard to make each beam exactly how their customers want it.

Selecting the right welding expert will impact the success of any welding project. Contact Us Today to meet your welder needs and let us exceed your expectations! Also, browse our project gallery for an idea of projects we undertake or check Google reviews.

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