Structural Welding Lincoln NE. Structural Welding for Building Safety

In Lincoln, NE, structural welding is essential for building strong and safe structures. At McMahan Industrial Services, we know that steel frame construction starts with a solid foundation and protecting the steel from corrosion.

Our expert welders create high-strength welds that meet safety standards, ensuring the structure can withstand weight and stress. We handle complex welding operations on-site with precision, guaranteeing high-quality joints and connections.

With our team of experts and a thorough corrosion protection plan, you can trust that your building will be safe and durable. Learn how McMahan Industrial Services can help you achieve exceptional structural welding results for your building project.


Steel Frame Construction Begins

As McMahan Industrial Services begins constructing the steel frame, a crucial milestone is reached in the building process. This marks the transformation of a vacant site into a sturdy structure. The steel frame's flexibility allows it to be customized to fit unique architectural features and layouts.

Before erecting the frame, McMahan Industrial Services ensures the foundation is properly prepared. This is vital, as it secures the steel frame to the ground, efficiently transferring loads. A well-prepared foundation prevents settlement issues, guaranteeing the building's structural integrity.

With the steel frame in place, the construction process can move forward. McMahan Industrial Services can then add roofing, walls, and windows. The steel frame serves as the building's backbone, providing a solid foundation for the entire structure.


Corrosion Protection Is Crucial

With the steel frame up, it's time to shield it from environmental elements that can weaken its structure over time. At McMahan Industrial Services, we know corrosion protection is key to ensuring the building's longevity and safety.

Humidity, temperature, and exposure to chemicals can all cause steel to deteriorate. To combat this, we apply coating materials to the steel surface. These coatings can be paint, epoxy, or specialized rust-resistant treatments.

The type of coating we use depends on the building's intended use, location, and exposure to environmental elements. By implementing a thorough corrosion protection plan, we prevent structural weaknesses, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure the building remains safe and functional for years to come.


High-Strength Welds Ensure Safety

High-Strength Welds Ensure Safety

Each weld plays a critical role in maintaining a building's structural integrity, distributing stress evenly, and preventing catastrophic failures.

Without high-strength welds, weld failure can occur, compromising the entire structure's safety. McMahan Industrial Services emphasizes that safety regulations stress the importance of high-strength welds to guarantee that buildings can withstand various loads and external factors.

By following these regulations, our builders and welders ensure that their structures meet the required safety standards. High-strength welds are vital in preventing accidents and losses, making them a fundamental aspect of structural welding.



Schedule Mobile Welders Fast

At McMahan Industrial Services, our on-site expert welders take on complex welding operations with precision and care. They guarantee that every joint and connection meets the highest standards of quality and structural integrity. These skilled professionals have undergone rigorous training to master advanced techniques and stay current with industry developments.

By having them on-site, we can optimize site logistics, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. This enables us to complete projects efficiently, meeting tight deadlines and exceeding client expectations. Our on-site experts work hand-in-hand with project managers to ensure seamless coordination, addressing any challenges that may arise during the welding process.

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